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Fleet Driver Safety Training

If your organization uses vehicles in any work-related capacity, they are moving liabilities. Unlike other workplaces, the highways, freeways, and city streets are not closed environments and traffic accidents are prone to happen. A fleet safety course can help by diminishing the number of accidents that occur, thereby minimizing your financial loss, reducing fleet insurance rates, and avoiding costly lost workdays. Although employers cannot control roadway conditions, they can promote safe driving behavior by offering fleet driver training. Fleet Driver Safety Training

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Fleet Driver Safety Training

Fleet driving safety courses usually encompass important issues such defensive driving strategies, driving safety in any environment and road condition, and the negative effects of drugs and alcohol on drivers. By incorporating safe driving techniques into your corporate strategy, employees will be prepared and able to deal with hazardous or would-be dangerous driving situations. Fleet Driver Safety Training courses are a win-win situation for you and your corporate employees!

Fleet Driver Safety Training
Looking for quality driver safety training that won't sink your budget? We recommend the Online Fleet Safety Course by TrafficSchool.com, it's the convenient way to keep your workplace accident free:

Fleet Driver Safety Training
When choosing a corporate driving safety or fleet driver training course, you'll want to make sure you choose someone with corporate defensive driving experience, who understands the importance of fleet risk management. Employee driver training should be an important part of your business and not be taken lightly. At the same time, a good corporate driving safety school understands you can't afford to have your employees leave work for long periods of time to attend a fleet driver training school. Consequently, many employers are turning to the Internet where quality and affordable online driver training and online driver courses are becoming more readily available. Just make sure you choose a qualified and experienced online fleet driver safety course.

Did you know these startling statistics about corporate drivers?
  • Motor vehicle accidents cost employers billions each year in legal expenses, medical care, lost productivity, and property damage. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • How much does it cost a worker who has a accident while on the job? If the accident results in an injury, the employer will end up paying an estimated $24,000 (minimum) per injured employee.
  • Annual estimates indicate that employer spending on medical expenses for accident injuries was just under $9 billion. An additional $9 billion was lost to cover sick leave expenses, along with paying for life insurance and disability insurance for injured and/or killed employees.

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