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Part of being a responsible and legal driver is having valid auto insurance. No matter what kind of vehicle you are operating, you are legally required to have it insured. We'll help you find insurance rates for your car, motorcycle, boat, or commercial auto. We'll also help you find competitive rate quotes, advice from insurance agents, and info on claims services. In addition, we'll make sure your familiar with your state's DMV requirements for minimum insurance coverages are. Car Insurance

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Car Insurance

Auto insurance can be overwhelming at times. What kind of coverages do you really need and what do all those confusing car insurance terms mean? Once you take a step back and become familiar with the different types of auto insurance coverages that make up an auto insurance policy, it's not so confusing at all. At the most basic level, your auto insurance is an offering of several different primary coverages. Put these different primary coverages together and you have a standard auto insurance policy.

Car Insurance
Auto Insurance Checklist
Here are a few things to consider when shopping for an insurance provider for your auto, boat, or motorcycle:
  • Familiarize yourself with your state's DMV requirements for insurance. Each state has different coverage minimums and types of coverages they require.
  • Determine what your budget allows you to spend on auto insurance and what kind of insurance you can afford. This might also affect the type of vehicle you ultimately buy (high-end sports car vs. an economy vehicle)
  • Know your driving record? Find out any traffic violations, traffic tickets, or traffic accidents that still appear on your record. Any points on your record will affect your insurance rate.
  • Look at your current insurance rates and see what kind of coverages you currently have. You can use this information as a barometer when comparing competitor quotes.
  • For comparison purposes, get several different insurance quotes (at least three) for the exact same insurance coverage packages.
  • Call insurance companies whose quotes seem to differ from the norm and find out why they charge more or less for certain coverages.
  • Find out what discounts the insurance companies offer, such as a multiple vehicle discount, a good student discount, or vehicle safety feature discount (abs, alarms systems, airbags, etc.)
  • Check out the insurance providers website - this should tell you a little about the quality of their company and what kind of budget they're working with.
  • If you decide to switch insurance companied, don't forget to cancel your old policy!!

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